I was born in Cleveland and raised in Houston and now I live in a small town just south of Cleveland. Some of my favorite activities include cooking, baking, watching football, listening to music and reading. I am always up to try something new – a new recipe, a new author, a new genre, whatever. I am also hopelessly addicted to blow pops. Some of my favorite authors include Lexi Blake, Shayla Black, Scott Hildreth, Drew Sera, Katy Evans, Logan Chance, Brittany Crowley, Meghan March and so many others I could go on for days. My reading tastes are pretty eclectic and I’ll read anything from romance, horror, paranormal, thrillers and anything else that strikes my fancy. However, the one thing I love is a good series. Give me a set of books about characters whose lives are interconnected and old and knew characters interact on an ongoing basis and you have my forever. I stumbled across the other ladies in this blog when I found the amazing indie author community in summer of 2017. I joined their Facebook group and when they were looking for some help managing their page I applied. Who knew that randomly finding an author in a group would have led me to such amazing women.