I am from Texas. Born and raised. I work full time at a government job. I have a stepson who is 12. I don’t know what my life would be like without him and my husband in it. Besides books, I’m am a huge movie Buff. My movie collection rivals my book collection. I also love stage plays and musicals and music in general. Anything art related. I am usually a behind the scenes kinda girl. Not really a stand out person, but Beth is bossy and making me do this. Lol. I read everything. That is literally not an exaggeration. I have yet to find a trigger on limit. I love dark romance. I love paranormal. I love contemporary and young adult. I love it all. I especially love friends to lovers and second chance romances. You put that in front of me and I will devour it. I joined the blog after getting to know Beth at an author takeover and she had mentioned wanting to take on someone else to help. I had been considering blogging for a while. Originally honestly because of the perks, but I have since realized how much I enjoy helping out authors, especially authors still trying to get their names out there. It has been so much fun and will always be grateful for her taking a chance on me and I absolutely love all the women helping with this blog and I am so excited you are getting to know them because they are all amazing in their own way.