A little about Beth: I’m from Kentucky. I love reading, sports, music and making people laugh. My favorite authors are Luke Prescott, SE Hall, T.h. Snyder, Logan Chance, Michelle Dare, A.D. Justice, Kandi Steiner, Brittany Crowley, Karen Raines and Sienna Grant to name a few. I’ll read just about anything… I started this blog during a rough period in my life. I started it because I wanted to help authors. I love helping people and I always do my best to help anyone I can. I kind of brought everyone else on. Melissa then Cheril and now Lauren. Running this blog has been fun, stressful at times but I wouldn’t want anyone else helping me with it other then these ladies. They are all amazing and I’ve enjoyed having them on it with me. I’ve gotten to know each on of them very well. We give each other a hard time but we’ve become great friends.