LOVE SICK  Monica James  All I want is revenge. But I’m afraid it will destroy me because I’m not a monster. Or maybe I am. And that’s thanks to Doctor Alanna Norton. She’s tortured me. She’s made me forget who I am. And she’s done all this in the name of love. But the love I feel for my son, who was stolen from me, will triumph. I won’t accept any other outcome. There is another love which I will fight for—Dutch Atwood.  But what I find…the sting of betrayal lingers. I look at Dutch through new eyes; he doesn’t trust me, and I don’t trust him. I’m faced with so many scenarios—I wish I knew how this story ends so I can make the right choice.  But there is no right in the hand I was dealt.  Alanna wants love so badly, so I intend to show her what true love looks like, because the only thing that matters is getting out of here…but not before I take from Alanna what she took from me. Her heart. Love Sick  Series: Heart Memory Transfer Duet: Book Two  Genre: Dark Romance/ Gothic Horror  Cover Model: Darcie Hamilton @darcie_hamilton  Photographer: Michelle Lancaster @lanefotograf Cover Designer: Lori Jackson Design @lorilovesbookjackson Release date: June 21st 2023 PREODER NOW:  Kindle: Nook: Kobo: Apple: Goodreads: BookBub: Heart Sick Playlist: READ HEART SICK BOOK ONE IN KU NOW! Kindle:

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